Giugno 24, 2024

The most productive, powerful, connected SACMI press ever.

Equipped with new hydraulic circuit solutions, this press series lets manufacturers achieve maximum productivity according to the specific product/size being made.

The ability to optimise each stage of machine operation means that higher productivity is combined with the lowest energy consumption in its class.

  • Faster than Ever
    This machine provides the highest productivity on the market. Innovative hydraulic circuiting boosts power and, therefore, output rates (with standard 60×60 sizes, the PH5200 can run at up to 14 cycles per minute).
  • More Flexible
    Taking a global approach to the press-filling device system allows optimisation of the various phases, ensuring consistently optimal productivity according to the required product type and size.
  • More Efficient
  • Improved heat dissipation and optimised oil filtration thanks to a more powerful hydraulic control unit with filter system and new-concept cooling.
  • Uncompromising quality
    Cutting-edge software controls all the key technological stages of the process, combining higher productivity with perfect pressed product quality.
  • Smart/Connected
    Advanced ‘smart’ packages make it easier for workers to manage the process, ensuring consistently optimal performance to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Low energy consumption
    The lowest specific energy consumption in its class thanks to higher productivity.