Giugno 24, 2024


Ink-Free is the solution designed and engineered in order to store inks and to keep them READY TO BE USED thanks to a re-circulation and filtration system that maintains the ink fresh before passing it to the digital printers.

  • Homogeneous
    By storing the ink in just one batch and thanks to its continuous re-circulation, Ink-Free guarantees the chromatic and rheological homogeneity of the product without colour variation.
  • Freedom from errors
    In the 24/7 production cycles and using an ever increasing number of inks on an ever increasing number of digital printers the risk of errors in the manual loading of the tanks raises exponentially
  • Saving
    Thanks to the supply through a unique batch, Ink-Free simplifies the ink production process, decreasing in this way the packaging costs of the final product.
  • Monitoring
    IThe Digi-Call System allows a real-time monitoring of the stored and used volumes of inks and at the same time, it provides the estimate for their future supply.
  • Zero residual
    On the bottom of every tank there is always an unusable ink leftover which is estimated to vary from 5% to 7%.
  • Ecological:
    The disposal of 5kg and 10kg plastic tanks containing ink has to be managed in the same way as the “solvent-based” materials waste. This entails a fixed managing cost, both in terms of logistic and administration.
  • Top quality:
    The re-circulation and the “extreme” filtration restore the ink to the highest quality level, increasing its filterability index, compared to the ink prepacked left in the tanks.
  • Customizable
    Ink-Free is adaptable to every digital printer on the ceramic market. The system is customizable.