Since 2019 we are the official distributor of Leaders Cosmetic for the Italian market.

Leaders is a Korean company with over 10 years of experience in the global skin care industry.

The main product we distribute are face masks with a real soft and cooling sensation on the skin, they perfectly fit the face contours and allow the ingredients to be delivered deeply into the skin.

Coconut Bio with Superfood Masks

The Antioxidant and skin nutrient replenishing qualities of superfoods are infused in the bio-cellulose sheet masks, making a perfect blend for youthful, lively and supple skin.

Skin Clinic & Skin Renewal Masks

Non-woven sheet masks combined with gentle, active ingredients for the most effective results

Skin Soft Masks

The Skin soft masks are soft hypoallergenic Tencel sheet masks that adhere firmly and comfortably to the face combined with natural fermented ingredients of Korean origin

Essential Wonders

The Essential wonders are trendy and fun treatments for your body and hair, infused with amnio acid complex to keep your skin and hair supple and soft.

Its time to start taking care of your skin from head to toe

7 Wonders Mask

From the most exotic regions of the world, the 7 Wonders line of facial masks provides seven unique ingredients from natural plants and fuits to calm, soothe and nourish the skin

Daily Wonders Masks

The fun and flirty daily wonders help customers choose the best mask for their needs and mood in their daily life.